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Evergreen Argo Tech Canada, established in 2015, combines energy efficient building technology with a passion for local food access to generate high quality, ecologically sourced produce revolutionizing how communities access fresh food year-round.

Fresh Produce: Our produce is grown using a vertical aeroponics system ensuring a consistent, high quality product that is ready for consumption.

Indoor Farms of Canada: Evergreen Argo Tech Canada is an authorized sales representative for Indoor Farms of Canada. We are able to provide the most innovative and cost effective indoor agriculture equipment on the market.

Consultation and Design: No matter what the scale of your project, Evergreen Tech Canada will provide a customized solution to fit your year-round growing needs.

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Evergreen Agrotech Inc.
Address: 3136 Mavis Rd suite 103,
Mississauga, ON L5C 1T8
Phone 647 640 8270