Indoor Farms Of Canada

Indoor Farms Of Canada

By balancing growing techniques and energy efficiency in our designs, we maximize food production while minimizing operational costs.

We are dedicated to creating a sustainable food supply for generations to come.

What Is Aeroponic Vertical Growing?

Aeroponic vertical growing techniques are the most innovative and cost effective end-to-end indoor agriculture equipment on the market. Plants are placed on a vertical surface while their roots hang in the air. Misting nozzles spray a nutrient rich fog into the root area allowing the plant to grow significantly faster than traditional growing methods while using less water.


  • Consumes 90-95% less water than traditional soil farming
  • All natural - pesticide and herbicide FREE
  • ZERO crop loss due to foraging animals or insect pests
  • Allows fresh, locally grown produce year-round
  • Helps reduce shipping costs
  • Increases food security
  • High crop yield, with little agricultural experience

What Can You Grow?


Boston, Romaine Varieties, Arugula Varieties, Belgian Endive, Cress, Curly Endive, Leaf Lettuce Varieties, Spinach Varieties, Kale Varieties, Chicory, Pepper Varieties

Gourmet Herbs

Basil Varieties, Cilantro, Oregano, Parsley, Dill, Mint,


Strawberry Varieties, Tomato Varieties


Ornamental Varieties, Edible Varieties

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